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Welcome to Iam Cute and You Know it ^_^. An online magazine that explores about adorable and handsome boy domicile at East Asia and Southeast Asia. You can find the original social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Cafe Daum, Naver, etc) of Asian boys aged under 22 years old from diverse societies (local model, handsome kids, ulzzang kid, star, school boy, etc).

Kids in Asia (specially East Asia and Southeast Asia) is something that is very interesting and adorable to discuss. Many people want to be closer with them. Social media make more easy to searching social media of handsome boys account. but a new problems arise. Many people on social media posing (undercover) as cute boy. They use the fake information, fake picture profile, and behave like children or cools boy, then foolish many people with their fake account. Usually they common motif is only inner satisfaction. Satisfaction when to be as children or pretend being handsome boys. however, when someone found they best friends in the social media have used fake profile, they will become very sad.

It is also happened on page artist. Many people who are not responsible to create an account profile posing as an artist. People who thought that they had been close with the artist who they admire, would be very proud with themselves (because they admire an artist who would relate to them). When they know that his artist friends on social media is not the real artist, they would become very sad.

We are sure, many people have experienced with this sucks situation. So we presented to you Iam Cute and You Know it, an online magazine were provide relevant information about original social media accounts of Asian Cute boys aged under 22 years old. You can get information about them and connect with them via social media by upgrade.


“Iam Cute and You Know it”, was founded in May 2013 by three people who come from different countries. In the past, one of our founders named “Taichi Yagami” has a problem because a lot of fake social media accounts pretend as handsome boy. They put fake information, pretend as an artist or a handsome boy/ child. Because that problems, come up a idea to create websites that display a photo collection and information about on a variety of handsome photo spread on the Internet (which is not known who the actual owner of the photo).

Currently (January 2014), these websites is managed only by the founders alone (which is only 3 people). The founders also have a basic activity in their daily lives. Therefore, these websites are made to the operating system that can run automatically.

Taichi Yagami

  • Nationality: Japany
  • Birtday: September 8, 1995.
  • Position: Programmer


Jenny Fananstasya

  • Nationality: Philiphine
  • Birthday: November 11, 1999.
  • Position: Programmer


Larry Chen

  • Nationality: Singapore
  • Birthday: Sept 17, 1997.
  • Position: Programmer

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